The Short Story

 Locate that tipping point. Then build everything (and we mean everything) from there.

Very simple. Surprisingly rare. 

We're a full-project-life cycle project execution firm and we specialize in tough projects. Projects that most people would never think could be won. 

It doesn’t matter where you're at with your project. Whether you’ve been working on it with a group of colleagues for years and need a final push, or an idea just dawned on you on the way in this morning. Doesn't even matter what type of logistical support or expertise you may need. We kind of know everyone.  We’ll help you flesh out the idea, capture the personal, and ultimately position you for success. 

The Whole Story

The notion of personalizing an idea—of generating empathy by walking a mile in another’s shoes—is, of course, not new. But marketers and social entrepreneurs forget it. All the time. In fact it's usually first to go in their haste to compete with the increasing noise and the untenable pace of our modern lives. 

In an era when more is always possible, it’s easy to forget that it’s not always better. As we grow more digitally connected, the space between us quietly widens, removing us from the one thing that feeds us: connection. But persuasion is not a commodity.
These days, we’re all hungry for meaning.

The answer, of course, isn’t to throw away our smart phones. And even if we did, your audience still wouldn’t have time for another campaign. Another ask for action, involvement, money. 

Your audience has time for what belongs to them, in a sense. For the causes that have migrated from “just another nice idea” to the things that have taken hold in their heart and, in so doing, no longer feel like a conscious choice to them.  No longer an item to check off a list but an imperative to weave into their lives as a way to feel whole. 

How many people have you met who weren’t extraordinarily concerned about a cure for breast cancer until their mother, sister, or best friend suffered from it? Suddenly they’re raising money for Susan G. Komen walks and lobbying their elected officials for better funding and more visibility for a problem that formerly was for “someone else.”

Similarly, once remote worries about big government or rising terrorism become personal causes when increasing regulation or growing unrest begins to affects our families, our friends, our own sense of freedom. And seasoned fundraisers know very well that a single, palpable image and story of an orphaned elephant who visibly grieves the death of his mother by poachers will drive far more giving than a tale of thousands of elephants in the same predicament. We can connect with one. A thousand is too many.

This dynamic of change, of significant behavior shifts driven by our personal experience, are all over literature and film because, in this way, art imitates life. We are all moved by what's close to us. It's not selfish; it's not a poverty of character. It's the human condition.  If you’re sentimental, you could even call it love. The world moves for love. Always has. Always will.

This is the foundation for Tipping Point.

We deal in the currency of stories and individual motivation for action. 




We’re experts with every communications and advocacy tool you need to succeed—from starting your movement, to message development and delivery, to building a grassroots army. This includes the full suite of online communications, fundraising, consumer and voter targeting, conference and event development and execution, and paid media. Soup to nuts, cradle to grave is our game. 

We love old media just as much as new: Word-of-mouth still outperforms all other forms of advertising. That's why we thoughtfully blend the two—to create experiences that ultimately belong to the user. When changing a belief or taking on a cause, none of us is a casual, passive recipient. We are actors who, one by one, shape and strengthen a movement.
And this is how change is made.

We're excellent listeners. We know better than to craft a messaging strategy for a ballot initiative or candidate for office without first hearing—really hearing—what the waitress in the local diner thinks about the issue at hand. Who she is, what moves her, and why. We pay attention to the kid just a few years out of high school who's voting for the first time in this election. To his story, his own dreams, his own definition of by the people, for the people. Listening and paying attention aren't just the hallmarks of polite society. They're the foundation for human connection and—because everything is personal—the foundation for every single social persuasion campaign any of us will ever undertake. 

We not only execute the strategies, we develop them and teach them. We believe that it is important to help everyone know how to find the tipping point and create change. We know that not everyone can afford to get the help to win and so we have written books, papers and articles on these strategies so people can understand how they can be the tipping point - and we host conferences and symposiums to put all of this in historical perspective.